The Dumbest Food Trends Of 2017

Like every year, 2017 had its fair share of food trends, some smart and some dumb. Sadly, the dumb ones were really dumb, and we'd probably be better off as a society if they just went away forever.

The Dumbest Food Trends of 2017 (Slideshow)

The majority of the dumbest food trends of 2017 all have a common root: the idea that food primarily exists to be seen and not eaten. We're not saying that food shouldn't be prepared with an eye for presentation, but if a food is invented with little to no regard for flavor and instead only reflects a desire to get as many people to Instagram it as possible, should it even be considered food? We thought the trend jumped the shark last year with Black Tap's ridiculous milkshakes, but 2017 has one word for you: unicorn.

Now, we're not saying you have to agree with us, but when we see someone line up for an hour to spend 10 bucks on a food product that will be Instagrammed and tossed in the trash (with maybe a bite or two taken beforehand), we see something that's very wrong. Not all of the dumbest trends of 2017 revolve around our constant desire to Instagram something cool (cauliflower steak, your time has too passed), but with 2017 ending we should take advantage of the opportunity to reconsider what becomes trendy and what finds its way onto the back burner of history, like foams and Snackwells. Let's stop judging food by its Instagram-worthiness and instead judge it by, you know, whether it tastes good. Click here for 11 of 2017's dumbest food trends.