Hidden Valley Teases Unicorn Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley is trying to jump on the unicorn foods bandwagon with purple ranch dressing

Hidden Valley took to Twitter to tease a pink and purple "Unicorn Ranch" dressing, and responses were mixed. 

Starbucks’ new Unicorn Frappuccino may be ruining the days of all the baristas forced to make it, but it is also getting a lot of attention on Twitter and Instagram, and other food brands appear to have gotten jealous, because now Hidden Valley is teasing a unicorn product nobody asked for: unicorn ranch dressing.

Late on Friday, April 21, the Hidden Valley Ranch Twitter account posted an animated GIF of a bottle of pink and purple ranch dressing with a unicorn horn, in front of a backdrop covered in fireworks and rainbows.

“When all your friends start dressing up like a unicorn, don’t give up on your dreams. #UnicornRanch #UnicornFood,” the account posted.

People are responding to the idea, but not with enthusiasm. Most of the responses are along the lines of, “No, just no,” or “Stop trying to make #UnicornRanch happen” and “Can’t we just have normal food?” But a couple people do seem interested in the idea of rainbow-colored ranch dressing. At least one Twitter user asked if it was going to be real, and the Hidden Valley Ranch account indicated that it was possible, but extremely unlikely.

“18 million tweets and we’ll consider it,” Hidden Valley Tweeted back.


18 million tweets is a lot, and so far the post only has about 200. But one should never underestimate the Internet’s ability to hold onto a trend. If this keeps up, we could all be dipping our carrot sticks into purple dressing in a month or two.