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The Daily Dish: February 25, 2016

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The Daily Dish 2.25.16

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Starbucks Barista Saves Customer From Embarrassment with Secret Cup Message

A Starbucks cup may be an underutilized means of communication. Usually they spell out only a person’s name and beverage choice, with maybe a smiley face or two added for the sake of cheeriness, but this weekend a Starbucks customer in Japan was saved from certain embarrassment by a secret note a barista left on his cup. When a Japanese Twitter user stopped by his Starbucks to get a beverage, he suspected nothing amiss about his attire. But when he got his drink, which looks like some type of sweet, coffeeless Frappuccino, he noticed that the barista had written a useful little message on the side: “Your fly is open.” The barista also included three friendly smiley faces to ease the embarrassment of the situation. The customer was apparently very grateful for the heads-up, and posted a photo of the note to Twitter.

Drinking Wine Before Bed Can Help You Lose Weight: The Claim That’s Too Good to Be True

It’s absolutely true that wine, especially red wine, has some health benefits when consumed in moderation: Red wine’s antioxidants can combat heart disease and lower cholesterol, but is it a miracle diet aid? Research from Washington State University scientists has been circulating, claiming that the chemical commonly found in grape skins is useful for melting stubborn fat on your body. But not so fast. The health benefits of this chemical are found most abundantly in fruits like blueberries, strawberries, apples, and, yes, grapes. However, common wine varietals like merlot and cabernet sauvignon contain only a small fraction of the chemical. The study’s authors conclude that light to moderate wine consumption for middle-aged women could help prevent excessive weight gain in some — a far cry from the attention grabbing headlines of late.

McDonald’s Singapore Introduces a Breaded Salmon Sandwich

And move over, Filet-O-Fish; a new fish sandwich is in town. In response to consumer demand for menu newness, McDonald’s Singapore has created a breaded salmon sandwich. The breaded salmon patty is topped with a “crisp salad mix” and McChicken sauce, and is sandwiched between two buns topped with oat flakes, linseeds, rye flakes, and sunflower seeds. The patty itself is made with chunks of wild-caught salmon from Hokkaido, paella spice mix, diced Cheddar cheese, and red and yellow bell peppers. The sandwich is available for a limited time only, while supplies last. Regarding the menu item McDonald’s says, “You said it. We made it.”

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