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Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Something special is brewing this Christmas at the Warner Brothers' Harry Potter studio in London — the chance to dine at the Great Hall in Hogwarts. [related] Hogwarts, of course, is the magical school for witchcraft and wizardry from the Harry Potter books and movies. On December 3, guests over 18 years old will be served Christmas dinner at the...
Cereal Killer Café
On September 26, London’s cereal-only shop Cereal Killer Café was attacked by protestors who threw smoke bombs and paint at it. [related] The cereal shop has attracted tourists from around the world to eat at the U.K.’s first-ever café dedicated solely to cereal, and protestors are upset that it is ruining the neighborhood...

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Coffee Shop Owned by Prominent Filipino Broadcaster Anthony Taberna Reopens After Attack by Unknown Gunmen
Anthony Taberna, a popular television journalist for ABS-CBN, a major broadcast network in the Philippines, has reopened his coffee shop, Ka Tunying’s — located  in Quezon City near Manila — weeks after the cafe was attacked by unidentified gunmen early on Friday, August 28. Slideshow: 150 Iconic Dishes...
Does SodaStream have a new competitor?
Brewing your own Coca-Cola at home? Now that’s something we can raise a glass to. Wait. Before you may begin picturing the release of the carefully guarded secret Coke formula, that’s not quite what’s going on.[related]Keurig may be known for its single-serve coffee systems, but they have announced the release of a new cold brewing system that...
Death cap mushroom
Doctors in Germany have noticed a surprising jump in the number of mushroom poisonings that have happened recently as refugees from Syria enter the country, and it has created a problem because apparently a popular, edible, and frequently foraged mushroom in Syria looks just like a wild mushroom in Germany that is extremely poisonous. [related]...
The next big trend: people dipping chunks of pita into their chickpea beer.
Americans may already be used to a market saturated with flavored beers, but here’s an entirely new concept from our craft beer-loving friends in the Middle East: hummus beer. Srigim, an Israeli microbrewery, has invented a gluten-free beer brewed with chickpeas, dates, and buckwheat. The unusual concept has been well-liked in a region where beers...

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Chuck E. Cheese Is Trying to Win Back Customers By Adding Booze to Their Menu
Chuck E. Cheese wants to boost sales and target millennial parents with new beer and wine offerings
It may surprise you to know that PETA really does have some friends in the fast food industry.
PETA awarded White Castle its ‘Kind Fast Food’ award for making its veggie sliders entirely vegan, including the buns
KFC Fried salmon
KFC’s fall menu includes fried salmon in Japan
The Boston-based company Kuka Xoco says that it has made a chocolate bar that is so healthy it can be taken as medicine
School District Hires Debt Collectors to Go After Unpaid Lunch Money
A debt collection agency will begin contacting families in debt in January 2016
General Mills, Kellogg, Nestlé USA and Other Major Food Companies Call on World Leaders for Swift Action Against Climate Change
In a letter to the world’s political leaders, 10 corporate executives called for accelerated actions against climate changes that have and will continue to threaten the world’s food supply
This Chef Will Make You a Giant, Gold-Plated Truffle for National Chocolate Day… for $3,000
A three-time Guinness World Record-holding chocolate chef wants you to celebrate National Chocolate Day in the most extravagant way possible
Taco Bell Becomes First Fast Food Restaurant to Offer a Vegetarian-Certified Menu
Thirteen menu items and 35 individual ingredients from Taco Bell have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association