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In elementary school, you may have made fun of “weird” lunches with foreign spices and unusual smells, but now you’re waiting in long lines just to experience — and Instagram — ngau lam. Earlier this year, an op-ed in The Washington Post critiqued those who use the term “ethnic food” to describe immigrant meals, quoting a professor who says it is...
New York Successfully Prosecutes First Case Against Shark Fin Distributor
Two years after Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it illegal to possess or sell shark fin — the highly controversial delicacy that was once commonly served at Chinese weddings and other upscale gatherings — New York State has successfully prosecuted its first case against a shark fin vendor in Brooklyn, officials have announced...
McDonald’s Has All-Day Breakfast!
Back in July, we reported that McDonald’s might begin serving all-day breakfast starting October 6, and it has finally been revealed that the rumors were true. [related] McDonald’s confirmed with breakfast fans on Twitter, including Chrissy Teigen and Connor Franta, that this is not a drill. Slideshow: 11...
Serving sizes on nutrition labels have the ability to make us feel guilty. Who knew that that a pint of Ben & Jerry’s was supposed to last four servings?[related]The FDA is about to make us feel a little bit better about our overeating habits. The federal agency has proposed a new rule that would change suggested serving sizes to better...
Does Chipotle Use GMOs?
A California woman filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court against Chipotle August 28, alleging that the burrito chain uses genetically modified ingredients. [related] Chipotle is the first national chain to virtually be GMO-free, but Colleen Gallagher claims they violated the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, according to Reuters...
Following Child Labor Criticisms, Kit Kat Plans for 100 Percent Sustainably-Sourced Cocoa by 2016
Nestlé will move to source the cocoa for its Kit Kat line from entirely sustainable sources, the Switzerland-based candy conglomerate announced in a statement Monday, August 31. Kit Kat is officially the first global chocolate brand to make such a change. Slideshow: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Kit Kat...

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New York Successfully Prosecutes First Case Against Shark Fin Distributor
‘We will not tolerate shark fin trafficking in New York State,’ announced Marc Gerstman, the acting commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation.
What Exactly Constitutes a Complete Breakfast?
Are you actually eating a complete breakfast, or are you just listening to a cereal mascot?
McDonald’s Has All-Day Breakfast!
Breakfast lovers, rejoice!
The FDA is considering changing serving sizes on food and drink labels to reflect what people actually consume
Pumpkin Spice Latte Rationing
Only 38 percent of stores across the country will serve the fall-exclusive beverage
Eatsa is a futuristic restaurant concept that is fully automated, with a virtual cashier and zero servers
Ben & Jerry’s Supports GMO Labels
The ice cream company believes that the food industry should be transparent
‘Ethnic food’ — cuisines that have not traditionally been consumed by the American masses — is trending, and some people want you to know it’s not OK