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The Daily Dish: February 12, 2016

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The Daily Dish 2.12.16
Today’s first course?
It’s time to put away the usual tubs of ice cream and bottles of liquor, all you heartbroken single ladies and gentlemen. Dairy Queen has the perfect ‘sinful’ treat to indulge in this Valentine’s Day: The Singles Blizzard. We’re pretty sure that anyone can order the Singles Blizzard, regardless of romantic status, but those who are unlucky in love may want to pay close attention: This limited-edition Blizzard treat features salted caramel truffles, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and peanut butter topping, blended with Dairy Queen's soft serve ice cream. Dairy Queen insists, however, that it doesn’t pity single people and that it isn’t perpetuating the stereotype that anyone not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day should be digging into gobs of peanut butter ice cream.
Well, speaking of love, Papa John’s has proclaimed that if you don’t love your pizza, it will send you another one for free. Under the Quality Guarantee, customers must have their receipt and are instructed to call the restaurant where the pizza was ordered, at which point Papa John’s will deliver another pizza of equal or lesser value. There are, of course, certain terms and conditions associated with the Quality Guarantee. For instance the guarantee does not apply to issues related to delivery time, sides, drinks, or desserts. Claims must be made within 30 minutes of pickup or delivery time, and no more than two slices of the original pizza can be consumed.
Jon Favreau, the director and star of Chef, has often hinted in interviews that he actually does know his way around the kitchen, and he proved it this week by posting a tutorial and photos of the perfect Cuban sandwich on Imgur and Reddit. The most important tip Favreau could give to anyone attempting to make a Cuban is to use real Cuban bread. It’s the only way to make authentically pressed sandwiches. The recipe he used comes from Roy Choi, Favreau’s muse and food consultant in the movie. To see the full recipe check out this story in the News in Brief section.
That’s today’s Daily Dish, thanks for watching. Stop by Monday for another helping.
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