Jon Favreau blends his on-screen persona with his off-screen talents in this mouthwatering Reddit tutorial.


Jon Favreau, Star of ‘Chef,’ Shows Off Perfect Recipe for Cuban Sandwich

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Jon Favreau proved that he wasn’t just acting in ‘Chef’ with a pictorial how-to guide for a perfectly rendered Cuban sandwich

The Cuban is a classic, if polarizing sandwich, that was given new life in the popular 2014 movie, Chef, which offered viewers a glimpse into the fictionalized (if realistic) life of a food truck operator who specializes in making Cubans.

Jon Favreau, the director and star of Chef, has often hinted in interviews that he actually does know his way around the kitchen, and he proved it this week by posting a tutorial and photos of the perfect Cuban sandwich on Imgur and Reddit. Favreau made the Cuban sandwiches for his family on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Jon Favreau Cuban starts with slow-roasted pork shoulder that’s marinated in Cuban mojo sauce. Then he rest, chills, and slices the pork shoulder. The next step is adding the grilled ham. After adding the Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, the sandwich is pressed on the plancha (flattop grill) that’s actually used in the movie.

The recipe comes from Roy Choi, Favreau’s muse and food consultant in the movie. You can get the exact recipe here.

The most important tip Favreau could give to anyone attempting to make a Cuban is to use real Cuban bread. It’s the only way to make authentically pressed sandwiches.   

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