Celebrity Chefs and Their Hats

In honor of National Hat Day, we’re showcasing legendary chefs and their favorite hats
Chefs and Their Hats

Chef Thomas Keller's hats include a construction hat, a ten-gallon hat, and a San Francisco Giants World Series cap. 

Think of the term “chef’s hat,” and you’ll most likely think of one of those tall, frilly white things that French chefs wear in the kitchen. Called toques, they actually serve several functions in the kitchen, including keeping hair out of food and helping the chef avoid bumping his (or her) head. But when they’re not cooking, chefs wear all kinds of headgear, and in honor of National Hat Day, we tracked down photos of 20 of America’s most popular chefs sporting their favorite hats.

Celebrity Chefs and Their Hats (Slideshow)

From fedoras to baseball caps, the style of hat we choose to wear says a lot about us. The image you’re projecting by wearing a flat-brimmed baseball cap is a lot different than one projected by wearing a ten-gallon hat. And then there are the people who never wear hats of any sort, at least in public.

In order to gather our photos, we reached out to dozens of chefs asking them to send in photos of them wearing their favorite hats, and received responses (and photos) from some of America’s most renowned culinary stars, including Thomas Keller and Jacques Pépin. We then scanned the public Facebook pages of popular chefs and Food Network personalities, and tracked down even more.


It’s not too often that you see chefs sporting hats in their restaurants and on television, so seeing what they choose to sport when they’re just hanging out reveals a lot about them. Read on to see photos of 20 celebrity chefs and their favorite hats!