Savory Doughnuts Arrive at Doughnut Plant

Doughpods mark the company’s first venture into savory doughnuts

New Avocado Toast and Samosa Doughpods alongside Doughnut Plant’s Matcha Iced Tea and Blackberry Lemonade.

Mark Isreal, owner of Doughnut Plant, has done it again. The company responsible for the first Jelly-Filled Square Doughnut, the first crème brûlée doughnut, and the first to mix fresh fruit and nuts in a doughnut glaze has introduced its first savory doughnuts.

Avocado Toast and Samosa Doughpods made their debut at all four NYC Doughnut Plant locations today. They are rectangular filled doughnuts made with sesame seed dough and fried in olive oil. They are priced at $4.75 and have been received well by fans on the first day of sales.

One customer writes in an Instagram post, “Savory pastries are the LOVE of my life. Enter @doughnutplant's new #savory #doughpods, avocado toast & samosa! Spicy, chewy, crispy little pods filled with veggie deliciousness!!”


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