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Best Burgers in America: Tell Us Your Favorites

Out of 101, yours could be the one
GMVozd/E+ via Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like a juicy burger. Cooked on the grill or made on the stovetop, topped with grilled onions or dripping with ketchup and mustard, a delicious burger can take lunch or dinner to the next level. Our love for burgers has inspired us to tackle finding the best burgers around the country.

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The Daily Meal ranks the 101 best burgers in America. Favorites like the cheeseburger at Au Cheval, the Americana burger at Causwells and the Dirty Love Burger at Love Shack have made the list before, but we want to know which dish takes top honors where you live. 

Whether it’s the juiciness of the patty or the extravagance of the toppings, we want to know which specific burgers make your mouth water. And we’re not just talking beef — if there’s a turkey, bean or veggie burger, we want to hear about those, too. 

If you have a favorite burger in your town, let us know. Fill out the Google Forms survey on this page, type in your contribution(s) and share it with friends and family so they can do the same. We need eyes — and taste buds — to let us know which burgers rule the nation. 

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