The 25 Best Restaurants in America for an Unforgettable Holiday Dinner

You have no reason to stay home this Christmas

Photo by Maureen H. via Yelp

In Washington, D.C., 1789 Restaurant transports you to an earlier era.

Choosing to have your Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day brunch, or Christmas dinner at a restaurant can be a risky (and expensive) endeavor. But if you live in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, or Washington, D.C., you have no reason to stay home: We’ve tracked down the five best spots in each of those cities for your holiday feast.

The 25 Best Restaurants in America for an Unforgettable Holiday Dinner (Slideshow)

Choosing to enjoy your holiday meal at a restaurant has its pros and cons. Pro: You don’t have to worry about cooking or cleanup, and will (hopefully) receive a meal that’s better than anything coming out of your own kitchen. Con: Few things ruin a holiday more than a truly terrible meal, especially when it’s insanely expensive. Like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, a lot of restaurants choose to serve overpriced tasting menus of dubious quality on Christmas, so always make sure that the risk is worth it.

Thankfully, if you choose one of the following restaurants, the risk will definitely be worth it. They’ve been vetted by our fleet of local city editors, are all well-regarded (and well-reviewed) restaurants, and their special offerings run the gamut from affordable prix-fixes to blowout buffets. Take your pick, and who knows? Having a holiday meal at one of these spots might just become a new Christmas tradition.


Additional reporting by Summer Whitford, Lauren Knight, and Rachel Cossar.