Where To Find The 10 Best Pancakes In America

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like pancakes? You might find people who choose not to eat them, but meeting someone who actually doesn't like them is as rare as finding a unicorn. The reason? They're one of the most delicious foods in existence — and these 10 restaurants do them better than just about anyone else.

Where to Find the 10 Best Pancakes in America (Slideshow)

Pancakes are ubiquitous in American culture (and around the world), cooked at home just as often as they're eaten at restaurants. Made by pouring a batter onto a hot buttered griddle, they're extremely versatile and come in hundreds of varieties. Some are made with buttermilk; some contain cornmeal, buckwheat, or other types of flour; they can be studded with everything from blueberries to bacon to M&Ms; and topping options are infinite. There's a pancake variety out there for everybody.

But if you're looking to serve a great pancake, the hallmarks are always the same. Great pancakes are light and fluffy, with an exterior that's slightly browned from the butter. They should be just sweet enough that the addition of maple syrup isn't overbearing, but savory enough to share a fork with bacon and eggs.

We assembled our list by first scanning pre-existing rankings both in print and online, taking note of the places that get the most recognition. But in an effort to not simply add to the chorus, we combed through regional reviews and found plenty of small-town favorites that are turning out pancakes that legions of fans have been clamoring for years, but that have yet to receive major recognition outside of the area.

Pancakes are one of a handful of foods that are truly universal. They're democratic in that they're incredibly inexpensive to make for anybody with a pan and a handful of ingredients, but are right at home topped with lemon curd on a fine-dining restaurant's brunch menu. Whether topped with a pat of butter and a glug of syrup, or filled with bacon bits and rolled up around a sausage, pancakes are one of the most delicious and versatile foods in existence. Read on to learn which restaurants serve America's best pancakes.