An Easter Brunch Menu

Serve your family a delicious breakfast Easter Sunday
Easter Brunch Menu

This is the ultimate go to brunch menu for your Easter mid-morning.

Brunch is a favorite meal of weekend revelers. It’s the delicious, slow paced meal that you savor with great breakfast focused dishes and a refreshing cocktail or two. On mornings like Easter Sunday, brunch just gets better. With family and friends surrounding you, you get to indulge in a quality-time meal that tastes great and looks even better. But if you aren’t sure what to make on this delicious Easter morning, we are here to give you a few Ideas on what makes the perfect brunch menu:

For Starters:

If you haven’t overdone it with Easter candy, try beginning your morning with a bowl of fresh spring fruit. You can lightly begin with a beautiful berry medley or a refreshing spring fruit salad. Try this Raspberry Mint Fruit Salad Recipe for starters!

The Main Course:

While hearty options like pancakes and French toast are never a bad idea, to pay homage to this holiday you can never go wrong with eggs. From boiled eggs, to scrambled eggs to omelettes, and frittatas, Easter morning was meant to be egg filled. Try setting up an egg breakfast bar with all of these options!

The Cocktails:

For what is a brunch without some booze? We have five amazing Easter cocktails that you can make for your loved ones and turn into mocktails for the little ones you love!

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