Easter Brunch Menu

Start your Easter celebration off on the right foot this year by hosting a delicious brunch for friends or family. Whether you're gathering with friends after church or hosting the extended family for egg hunts, egg rolls, and other egg-centric games, this light and simple menu is sure to delight your guests (and leave room to enjoy the abundance of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, marshmallow Peeps, jelly beans, and anything else the Easter Bunny may bring). — Allison Beck

We wanted this brunch to feel like Easter should — fresh and clean with lots of natural materials and a mix of our favorite pastels. Use a natural burlap or linen runner. We used a linen runner from Heath Ceramics, but fabric and craft stores, as well as Ikea, sell similar fabrics. Serve the food in pottery in shades of white and soft blues, as well as wood cutting boards. Complete the look with a scattering of Jordan Almonds in white, blue, pink, and yellow.  


Inspired by the Easter baskets of old made with real grass, create centerpieces of wheatgrass but in a modern shape. (You can find wheatgrass in the floral and/or produce section of your grocery store; if you've planned ahead, you can sprout your own in three to four weeks.) Use long and low glass vases and cut the potted wheatgrass to fit with a sharp chef's knife, so you can get a glimpse of the layered earth and seedlings through the vase. Use clipped ranunculus in various colors to "plant" among the grass for a fresh Pop Art look.

Tip: Only add enough water to your vase to keep the stems of your flowers wet. Too much and little pieces of the potting soil will float away, muddying your clean look.  

Place Cards

Everyone loves receiving an Easter egg. Instead of conventional place cards, use a decorated egg! We found beautiful speckled eggshells at a craft store, wrote our guests' names on them, and centered them on each plate in a robin's egg blue ramekin. You can get the same look by hard boiling a few speckled eggs or using eggs you've already dyed. Just remember to hard-boil eggs to avoid any Ramona Quimby-like episodes!


Fresh Tangerine Juice Mimosas

Strawberry Morning Muffins, served with fresh butter and jam

Deconstructed Salmon Niçoise Salad