Starbucks New Winter Juniper Latte Debuts At Select Locations

When you think of your ideal snowy, white Christmas, do you also picture a warm drink from Starbucks between your mittens? We're starting to. Starbucks' seasonal offerings have been absolutely delightful this year. They've released new wintery mochas to go along with their unusually festive holiday cups and so far, the reviews have been raving. Holiday lattes are as delicious as ever, and people are beginning to set aside the horrifying sugar content in favor of a cozy, warming cup of dessert-like coffee.

Their newest drink, the Winter Juniper Latte, is the next step for their seasonal celebration. Starbucks is selling the latte for a limited time only at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle and participating U.S. stores with Starbucks Reserve coffee bars.

The new drink is as close to Christmas as you can get — it's practically a Christmas tree in a cup. The Winter Juniper Latte is a blend of espresso, steamed milk, and a perfectly crafted syrup that blends juniper berries, sage, and mandarin orange. The orange brings out deep notes of cedar and sweet, black licorice.

Even better is that they're adding latte art to the cup, going so far as to adorn it with a sprig of fresh sage, if you're lucky enough to live by and order at the Roastery.

People on Twitter are divided. Some are skeptical that juniper could ever taste good in a sweet latte.



Others who have actually tried the latte, though, claim it lives up to the hype.

Either way, we're getting our hands on one to try ASAP. To make sure they get your order right every time, click here to learn how to speak Starbucks's language.