Gluten-Free Folks Rejoice: You Can Drink These 10 Vodkas

As long as it’s not made from wheat, it’s okay to drink

It might be strange to realize, but most vodkas aren’t gluten-free. Because they might be distilled from wheat or another gluten-full grain, traces of gluten might remain behind after the distillation process and be bad news for celiac sufferers. But don’t despair: There are plenty of other vodkas out there that are distilled from gluten-free sources, including grapes, potatoes, and corn, and we’ve got a rundown of the top brands.

Chopin makes a vodka distilled from wheat, but the version with a black cap and lettering is made with potatoes instead.

This “ultra-premium” vodka is distilled from grapes.

Crystal Head
Best identified by its unorthodox bottle (which is shaped like — you guessed it — a crystal head), this vodka is actually distilled from peaches and creamed corn.

Deep Eddy
This Austin, Texas-based vodka is made from corn.

This Charleston, South Carolina-based vodka company makes its vodka completely out of non-GMO corn.

This Canadian vodka is also distilled from peaches and creamed corn, which is apparently a thing. It’s also made with ice harvested from Canadian icebergs.

This Polish vodka is the world’s top-selling potato-based vodka.

The popular Smirnoff is distilled entirely from corn.

Tito’s vodka, which hails from Texas, is made with corn.

This Midwestern vodka is made with 100 percent corn.

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