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This Color-Changing Tea Will Make You Believe in Magic

A pop-up café in New York put a creative spin on tea using a flower from Thailand

From sea to shining sea, vibrant food and drink is all the rage these days. We’re talking color-changing ice cream, lemonade, and even noodles. Kay’s Boutique Café in New York City is the latest to join the trend with a magic herbal tea that turns from blue to purple. The Bangkok-based breakfast pop-up, which specializes in artisanal French toast, is selling the riveting refreshment for $5.75 per glass.

Bluebell Vine Tea is, simply enough, made with Thai bluebell vine — also known as butterfly pea — which is a trendy flower used in Southeast Asian cuisine that’s famous for its blue hues. To make this quirky spring drink, Kay’s owner Pavitra Kobkulsuwan boils the ingredient in water, pours it into a cup of coconut water, and adds lemon juice. The acidic property makes the color change from blue to purple. Starbucks once made a similar drink layered with espresso and lemonade.

So what does it taste like? Kobkulsuwan compares it to coconut juice with a small scent of refreshing lemon. All of her flowers come from local markets, which get their imports straight from Thailand. With that being said, you won’t find this drink in the Land of Smiles. Kobkulsuwan says she created the Bluebell Vine Tea to cater to New Yorkers and what they might want during the spring and summer months.

Are color-changing products the new Unicorn Frappuccino? At the end of last year, The Daily Meal predicted that bright pops of color — say, Instagrammable dishes — and edible flowers would catch on, and it looks like we hit two birds with one stone. To see what else the future holds, look into our crystal ball of food trend predictions for 2018.

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