We’re Obsessed With This Magical Color-Changing Lemonade Now at Disneyland

This glowing, color-changing lemonade is Guardians of the Galaxy-themed and available at Disney’s California Adventure

Is there a more magical way to cool off in the summer heat?

This summer, Disney’s West Coast parks are kicking hydration up a notch with magically glowing, color-changing lemonade. Available at Disney’s California Adventure, this Guardians of the Galaxy-themed “Infinity-ade” is flavored with lavender, garnished with a salt rim and a mysterious glowing orb, and slowly changes color from a dusky peach to a brilliant purple. This is the second Guardians of the Galaxy-themed snack that’s been released at Disney parks after the adorable Groot bread.

The Infinity-ade is named after the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The purple Infinity Stone/Gem is known as the Space Stone: an appropriate nod to the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride that just opened up in Disney’s California Adventure, replacing the iconic Tower of Terror.

Sadly, the drink is not spiked (most Disney parks are still tight on alcohol regulations), but we imagine it might be easy to sneak in a nip to make your own magical lemonade.

The color-changing lemonade follows the equally magical color-changing cotton candy, available at multiple Disney parks.


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