8 Tiki Cocktails To Make This Summer Slideshow

Aloha Sparkle

For those watching their swimsuit bodies, you can still get in on the fun. The Aloha Sparkle, a refreshing drink that could easily out beat those sweat-inducing heat waves, is just 115 calories, which is pretty sweet, in comparison to sugary mojitos. Go ahead and treat yourself to a vacation just for your mouth (yeah, we went there).

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Frozen Sangria

Despite originating in Spain, a far cry from the coconut- and pineapple-fueled islands of the tropics, sangrias, at least the frozen kind, are still sought after when relaxing before hitting the waves. This Frozen Sangria recipe, courtesy of best-selling author cookbook author David Venable, highlights plenty of mango, peach, white wine and brandy, resulting in a tantalizing slushy made just for adults. 

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Peruvian Pineapple Cocktail

Beach-themed tropical cocktails don't have to feature classic rum. The Peruvian Pineapple highlights Latin America's pisco, a powerful thirst-quencher that easily relaxes you as you begin to unwind by the pool or during happy hour after a dreaded day at the office. Wonderfully refreshing yet tart, the Peruvian Pineapple may look demure, but it holds a major punch for those daring to savor more than one.

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Pineapple Chi-Chi Cocktail

If you love creamy concoctions, savoring a Pineapple Chi-Chi, the piña colada's equally decadent cousin, must be on your agenda, along with visiting the Hamptons at least once on a non-crowded day. Replacing rum with vodka, the classic Pineapple Chi-Chi was first made popular during the '70s, but everyone loves a comeback. This modern take on the old-school favorite features vodka infused with sun-kissed pineapple, as well as velvety coconut milk and cane sugar syrup from the tropics.

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Tiki Screwdriver

Forget the stale orange and vodka mix. This '60s cocktail recipe is a medley of lip-smacking rum, sweet passion fruit juice, tangy ruby red grapefruit, and of course, freshly squeezed orange juice. Be warned, just like a beach getaway, after one sip, you might never want to go back to the usual.

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Tiki Swizzle

Swizzles, named after the sticks used to produce rum in the Caribbean, have been savored for more than 200 years and finally, Sailor Jerry's Paul Monahan gave this classic a tiki makeover. His take is rich in spicy anise bitters, a dark red wine from Portugal that's often paired with dessert and yes, more rum.

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Triple Daiquiri

Want to let your inner mixologist shine? Take a chance at creating this massive Cuban cocktail for a beach-themed fiesta, which is certain to leave everyone in awe. This Triple Daiquiri is filled with liqueurs and fruits, making it irresistible to both ladies and gents. Sure, it requires effort, but after one gulp, you may want to create a whole round. 

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Scorpion Punch

The Japanese take on a tiki cocktail punch may no longer be at New York City's HARU sushi restaurant, but it's reportedly adored so much by fans that many have attempted to recreated it at home for a Friday night — and failed miserably. Fortunately, you don't need to suffer the blues this weekend when you could be heating things up with this popular potent punch including bourbon, sake, and more liquor. No wonder the Scorpion Punch has such a mean bite.

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