The Americano Cocktail from 8 Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes Slideshow

8 Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes Slideshow

Courtesy of Campari America

The Americano Cocktail

The Americano is made with Campari, and makes an easy (and sweet) Fourth of July cocktail. (And it has the patriotic name going for it as well.) Click here for the Americano cocktail recipe.

Courtesy of SKYY Vodka

The Coconut Sparkler Cocktail

A fruity cocktail that's not without some sparkle, try the Coconut Sparkler made with SKYY Infusions Coconut Vodka. Click here for the Coconut Sparkler cocktail recipe.

Courtesy of Chandon

The Chandon Cucumber Peel Cocktail

What's bubbly and fresh and perfect for summer? A champagne cocktail, made with Chandon and cucumber. Click here for the Cucumber Peel cocktail recipe.

Courtesy of Disaronno

The Strawberry Lime Rickey Cocktail

The Strawberry Lime Rickey is made with Disaronno liquor and fresh strawberries, lime, and a twist: basil. It’s the fruity drink that will keep you satisfied all day long. Click here for the Strawberry Lime Rickey cocktail recipe.

Courtesy of Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey American Honey Wild Mustang Cocktail

Need something a little stronger on your Fourth of July holiday? A honey-infused Wild Turkey bourbon cocktail will do the trick. Click here for the Wild American Mustang cocktail recipe. 

Courtesy of Talde Restaurant

The Obama Punch

Talde Restaurant in Brooklyn mixes up this tasty drink to toast the president. It’s a traditional punch with brandy, rum, and vodka, and both blood orange and orange juice. Click here for the Obama Punch cocktail recipe

Courtesy of Wit & Wisdom

The Red Sky Cocktail

Made by Tiffany Dawn Soto, the beverage director at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, the Red Sky is a patriotic twist on the cocktail. It's also served at Baltimore's Wit & Wisdom. Click here for the Red Sky cocktail recipe. 

Courtesy of Chandon

The Chandon Granite Cocktail

This cocktail will be a party favorite for years to come: it’s a frozen treat, made with Chandon champagne. Eaten like a (boozy) slushee, it’s is a cool-off cocktail that will impress your friends. Who needs dessert when you can have a few spoonfuls of this? Click here for the Chandon Granite cocktail recipe.

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8 Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes Slideshow