10 Drinks for Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s not all about the bird; consider the bottle, too

As you sip away, you start to see things in a more favorable light.

Ah, Thanksgiving; some look favorably upon this classically American holiday in which families (and friends) come together to eat, drink, and do their best to kick off the holiday season on a merry note. But where there is a gathering of many people, there is bound to be tension and a mishap or two, and while some may prefer to deal with the stress by eating all the calories they’re allowed in a day in one sitting just so they don’t have to join in the conversation, others choose to have a drink (or three; you are eating a lot after all) to loosen up and get into the spirit.[realted]

10 Drinks for Your Thanksgiving Table (Slideshow)

As you sip away, you start to see things in a more favorable light: you forget the horrible odyssey it took to get there; the screams and tears of your younger family members somehow become a distant blur; and by the time you sit down to your feast, you’ll be a able to navigate the prodding family questions and comments (which always seem to land on the side of insulting) with ease.

A festive cocktail can help you bypass the fuss and let you to focus on what is really surrounding you: love. That’s definitely something to be thankful for.

So, let us give thanks to the cocktail with these 10 recipes that won’t clash with your feast, or your family.

Harvard Warmer

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This sweet brandy-based cocktail is the perfect way to end the meal — maybe even better than pumpkin pie!

Highland Sage Cocktail

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If a sage cocktail with turkey is wrong, we don’t want to be right.