10 Delicious Wheat Beers From The Best Craft Breweries In America

10 Delicious Wheat Beers from the Best Craft Breweries in America

If you're not an expert on beer, an IPA is a great place to start. If you're at a loss for which IPAs to order, here's a list of the ones you should be drinking. If you're looking to expand your beer horizons and take your sipping to the next level, though, we suggest dabbling in the world of wheat beer — which is simply beer, mostly top-fermented (the method by which ales are made), based on a high percentage of wheat over malted barley,

Wheat beers are usually light and citrusy, making them ideal to enjoy during summer weather or a beach get away — but they also have enough character to be good choices as the weather grows cooler.

Breweries are taking full advantage of the wheat beer's versatility, as they should be! There are plenty of wheat beers on the market for you to try, but if you want to drink the best of the best — at least in the American beer world — consider these 10 wheat beers from the best craft breweries in America.

Allagash White, Allagash Brewing Company

This Belgian wheat beer is brewed and spiced with coriander and orange peel — making it an utterly refreshing and fruity treatThe Allagash White is sure to cease your cravings for a light and crispy brew.

Florida Cracker, Cigar City Brewing Company

The Florida Cracker is brewed with unmalted wheat and then fermented with a French Saison yeast strain. This unique brewing process gives the beer a spicy yet dry finish, making it an ideal beverage to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Ginger Peach Wheat, Dogfish Head Brewery

Instead of creating their beer with water, Dogfish Head Brewery decided to go above and beyond with their wheat blend. This brew is truly one of a kind for one special reason: it's brewed with Ginger Peach Black tea. Doesn't that sound delicious?

Little Sumpin Extra! Ale, Lagunitas Brewing Company

Lover of flavor-filled beer, this one is for you. In our opinion, The Little Sumpin Extra! Ale at Lagunitas Brewing Company is more than "a little something." This bold brew is bursting with a mixture of malt and wheat flavor, so, sip away!

Snapshot Wheat Beer, New Belgium Beer Company

This unfiltered wheat beer is particularly tart, and that's what makes it so unique. Snapshot is a sun-kissed yellow color that will warm your soul and the flavor will fill each sip with smiles.

Old Chico Crystal Wheat, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

The Old Chico Crystal Wheat is the lightest beer on Sierra Nevada's list. What's so special about this blend? The Old Chico Crystal Wheat is brewed with unique Crystal hops, making it a rare beer worth trying.

PNC Buckwheat Stout, Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Have you ever heard of a beer that's aged in tequila barrels? There aren't many, but the PNC Buckwheat Stout is one to keep on your radar. This is a bold and compound beer that includes a whirling "gothic symphony" of wheat with pale malt flavor.

Wahoo White, Ballast Point Brewing Company

Ballast Point Brewing Company takes pride in the brewing process for their Wahoo White. By adding orange peels and coriander to the boil, they give it a crisp, citrusy taste — perfect for your kicking back with any day of the week.

White Rascal, Avery Brewing Company

Avery Brewing Company describes this beer as a truly authentic Belgian style "white" ale — and with its unfiltered Curaçao orange properties, we couldn't agree more. This beer is the zestiest in our line-up, so we suggest you pair it with something spicy to truly bring out the taste.

312 Urban Wheat Ale, Goose Island Beer Company

Can't decide if you're in the mood for a spicy or a fruity wheat beer? With the 312 Urban Wheat Ale, you don't have to! This beer maintains a smooth and creamy body while tasting sweet and spicy. We're not sure how they do it, but when it comes to brewing, Goose Island has got it all figured out.