Dairy-Free Cheese Substitutes:

A treat that is just as good as cheese!

Dairy-Free Cheese Substitutes

Cheese has been a food favorite predating recorded history. However, due to the recent research that suggests cheese is harmful to human health, new dairy-free cheese alternatives have swept the nation.

Soy cheese is one of these alternatives. Galaxy Soy Organic Cheese is one of the most popular. It’s popularity probably stems from the fact that it tastes and melts surprisingly just like ordinary cheese. It comes in a variety of flavors such as pepper jack, Cheddar, and mozzarella.

Another alternative is rice cheese. This tasty "cheese" is entirely soy and lactose free, making it ideal for those with dairy and soy allergies. Galaxy Rice Cheese comes in flavors such as American, Cheddar, pepper jack, and more.

You can find diary-free cheeses as most local health food stores. To learn more and to find a vendor near you, visit www.galaxyfoods.com/find-our-products/

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