Transform Potato Chips Into A Sweet Snack

There is no denying that salty paired with sweet is a taste bud-winning combination, which is why the idea of adding potato chips to sweet snacks is one "weird" combination that we are willing to try.

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Ever since we tasted our first Compost Cookie from Christina Tosi and Momofuku Milk Bar, we've been hooked on the idea of saving those partially crushed chips at the bottom of the bag to try our hand at our own sweet and salty junk food desserts.

Potato chips can add salty flavor and crunchy texture to just about any baked good, like brownies and brookies, but there are two recipes in particular that we can't get out of our minds right now that utilize the salty, usually savory potato chip in very different ways.

The first is a Coca-Cola & Potato Chips Cupcake from Four Rivers Barbecue, which uses sweet cola, cocoa powder, and crunchy chips for the moist cake. The second is a homemade version of the popular Korean snack food Honey Butter Chips created by the co-owners and chefs Brian Kim and TK Ku of Oiji in New York City's East Village.

Coca-Cola® & Potato Chips Cupcakes From Four Rivers BarbecueFour Rivers Barbeque

For a sweet and savory dessert, try these cupcakes from . Using store-bought ingredients, these instructions are simple and easy to follow. 

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Oiji’s Honey Butter Chipsin-house chips

Co-owners and chefs Brian Kim and TK Ku of Oiji created their own version of the popular Korean Honey Butter Chips. Their are served as a dessert item alongside ice cream upon request.

The sweet chips created a cult phenomenon in 2014 when K-Pop stars began posting "selfies" with the convenience store food item.

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