The 20 Silliest Kitchen Tools Ever Invented

The 20 Silliest Kitchen Tools Ever Invented

You definitely do not need these tools in your kitchen

A sharp knife, a cutting board, a good set of pans — there are some things you absolutely should have in your kitchen even if you aren’t an avid cook. However, if you search even quickly around the internet or browse the shelves of your local kitchen store, you are bound to behold countless useless kitchen tools that you do not need at all. 

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From strawberry hullers to kiwi peelers and from automatic sauce stirrers to vertical egg cookers, we have rounded up some of the silliest kitchen tools ever invented.

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Some are more useless than others — some are single-purpose tools that will probably collect dust at the bottom of a drawer, while some might only be useful as gag gift to friends or relatives that don’t cook at all. Mostly though, if you are going to be buying something for your kitchen and you are spending your hard-earned cash, you may as well buy something that’s actually useful, right? Look through this list of silly kitchen gadgets and decide for yourself if these are the worst around