Young Prince Harry Told The Royal Chef To Microwave Bacon

If any food made headlines during the run-up to Prince Harry's royal wedding on May 19, it was roast chicken. The prince, now Duke of Sussex, famously surprised then-girlfriend Meghan Markle with her engagement ring while the two were roasting a chicken. (Ina Garten's engagement chicken strikes again!)

But pluck that chicken and give bacon its due as one of the boundary-breaking prince's specialties. In a recent interview with PopSugar, chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for the royal family for 15 years, admitted that a young Harry taught him how to cook bacon — with an American accent.

"I remember Harry coming back from America — they'd been to one of the theme parks — and he came into the kitchen with the princess [Diana], and it was breakfast time," McGrady told the publication. "He said, 'If you take the bacon and put it on a paper towel in the microwave, it makes it really crispy and even better.' And I go, 'What do you know? You're like 10 years old! You have no idea how to cook.'"

McGrady soon learned that the 10-year-old prince was on to something — and the chef ended up adding a new technique to his cooking repertoire.

"When he was gone, I tried it, and it worked," McGrady told PopSugar. "Prince Harry taught me to make that — crispy bacon."

Neither McGrady nor Kensington Palace immediately responded to a request for comment. But McGrady has told this story before, and it's easy to believe. Harry's mum, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was known for teaching her sons how to exist outside the royal milieu. The Queen perhaps has never touched a microwave, but it's almost certain that Harry and William have.

And he's not the only young royal to get his hands dirty in the kitchen. The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that little Charlotte and George love to mess around with pizza dough.

Harry hasn't lost his love for bacon, either. He reportedly insisted on bacon and sausage sandwiches as late-night refreshments at his wedding reception, so it's likely that microwaved bacon is something the British royal family really eats at home.