Prince George and Princess Charlotte Love Making Pizza Dough Because It’s Messy

The royal babies enjoy getting their hands dirty
prince george princess charlotte pizza dough / Lorna Roberts /

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reputations for being prim and proper, it’s been revealed that the royal tots enjoy making messes just as much as the next baby. During a recent trip to St. Luke’s Community Center in London with Prince William, Kate Middleton said that 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte love to help make pizza dough because “they can get their hands messy,” Hello Magazine reports.

The conversation then shifted to whether or not the 36-year-old princess, who is expecting her third child in April, could speak Spanish.

“Sadly, no,” she laughed. The family’s nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, hails from Palencia, Spain, and has been teaching the children a little bit of Spanish here and there. George can reportedly count up to 10 using the foreign language.

Later in the day, Seattle-based chef Matt Jones told the BBC that the event at St, Luke’s had been fantastic.

“As we got them to decorate our dishes Kate said she cooked with her kids but that it sometimes got a bit messy,” he told the outlet. He also mentioned acquiring one of the royal couple’s favorite recipes for buttered chicken.

Meanwhile, back at Nottingham Cottage, Prince Harry is on a strict diet and exercise plan ahead of his wedding to Meghan Markle. The 33-year-old has allegedly quit smoking and has started to cook healthy meals for himself and his bride-to-be. Come May 19, 2018, we’ll likely see a physically fit and healthful Harry, but here’s what you won’t see.