Kitchen Gadgets From the '50s That We Need Today

These vintage kitchen gadgets are superfluously wonderful enough that we wish we had them occupying our kitchen space

Photo Modified:  flickr/ Ethan / CC by 2.0

Kitchens of the 1950's weren't unlike today's — full of kitchen gadgets.

Today we may have fallen in love with our vegetable spiralizer that turns zucchini into “pasta” or our juice press that makes juicing a cinch, but there are tools from the past that seem just as superfluously wonderful. The 1950s saw the return of women to the kitchen after their brief leave during WWII, and the prosperity of the time brought with it outrageous convenience tools.

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Many kitchen gadgets made popular in the 1950s, like stand mixers and blenders, are still part of our essential kitchen gadgetry, but others disappeared from shelves and into obscurity. If our kitchens weren’t buzzing with equipment and our drawers weren’t filled to the brim, these would certainly make our list of must-have kitchen tools that we need to try.

For some, the tools on this list will seem as ridiculous as a corn kerneler, but others may find a goldmine of patents in need of reviving. From a better way to slice cakes to an enviable stovetop, we think the 1950s may have been the golden age of kitchen gadgetry.

Bakelite Set — Cake Breaker

This is a vintage cake breaker kitchen tool.

Perfect for delicate angel food and chiffon cakes that were popular in the 1950s, this cake breaker gently pulled apart pieces of cake without pressing down and crushing it. Next time you mangle that moist cake you just baked, you will wish you had one of these retro cake breaker tools.

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Colston Dishwasher

This is an advertisement for the Colston Dishwasher.

The size of a breadbox, this countertop dishwasher sure would be useful in cramped city apartments. Dishwashers didn’t become a widely used appliance until the 1970s. Just imagine the many things your breadbox dishwasher could do.

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