17 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets You Don't Need Slideshow

Speedy Plus Vacuum Marinater: $30 on website
Corn Kerneler: $12 on Amazon
Sunnyside Egg Mold: $12.90 on eBay
Stem — Tap the Flavor: $5 on Quirky
Portion — Measure & Mix: $9.99 on Quirky
Mocubo: $39.99 on Quirky
3-D Safari Cookie Cutters: $15 on Quirky
Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker: $29.99 on Website
Roast Cutting Tongs: $29.95 From Chefs Catalogue
Meal Measure: $20 on The Fancy
Prepara’s Dressing Whiz: $29.99 on Website
Two Way Hold Magnetic Light Grill: $34.95 on HomeWetBar.com
Pluck: $12.99 on Quirky
Flameless Grill Smoker: $39.95 on Website
Ham Dogger: $6.99 on The Fancy
Boil Buoy
Glide Knife Cleaning Clip: $16 on The Fancy