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Kuma's Corner
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Pretzel Buns

Pros: It can hold up to the meat.
Cons: It can get a bit tough.

Chicago favorite Kuma's Corner serves all their burgers on pretzel buns, and while George Motz might find that some pretzel buns have a leather, "car seat" sort of feel, Kuma's does have one he likes.

Kuma's buns are made with the addition of milk and shined with an egg wash, and with the heavy meatiness of their burgers, the pretzel buns make sense.

"I'm sure we could get away with serving our burgers on almost any kind of bun, but nothing holds up the way a pretzel bun does," chef Michael Jarvis told The Daily Meal. "I am a fan of brioche buns, but they tend to be very light, which doesn't hold up well with the combinations of ingredients we use, nor the fact that are burgers are extremely juicy. With the pretzel bun you get a very dense product that can hold up to the juiciest of burgers."