How to Make Girl Scout Cookies at Home (Slideshow)

Making these popular cookies at home is easier than you think

Do-Si-Dos Recipe

These peanut butter sandwich cookies with a peanut butter filling are the perfect treat. 

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Lemonades Recipe

These tasty Girl Scout cookies are shortbread cookies with a lemon icing filling. 

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Samoas Recipe

These popular coconut and chocolate cookies are fun and easy to make at home. 

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Savannah Smiles Recipe

You don't have to be a Girl Scout to love these lemon cookie with powdered sugar.

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Tagalongs Recipe

If you love peanut butter and chocolate together, try making these Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties at home. 

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Thanks-a-Lots Recipe

These Girl Scout cookies are shortbread cookies with a layer of chocolate on the bottom. 

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Easy Thin Mints Recipe

It's easier than you think to make these popular minty cookies at home. 

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Trefoils Recipe

These classic Girl Scout cookies are a simple shortbread cookie with a hint of vanilla flavoring. 

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