Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Summer Foods, Burgers to Pie to Ice Cream

Try these healthy versions of summer dishes so you can have your cake (or fried chicken) and eat it too

Make these Berry Ice Pops as a healthy treat this summer

The pinnacle of every great summer is the backyard cookout. Lounging in the sunshine with an ice-cold drink in hand, surrounded by friends and family; maybe someone nearby is manning the grill, flipping burgers and smoking ribs; maybe there's swimming, or volleyball, or badminton — but there is certainly plenty of relaxing fun around.

Summer, of course, is the season when an abundance of great produce is at the peak of production and, more importantly, the peak of flavor (just check out what’s in season this July!) But let’s face it: we all know that these fresh and nutritious ingredients don’t always find their way into our quintessential summer dishes.

Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Summer Foods, Burgers to Pie to Ice Cream (Slideshow) 

Quite possibly the biggest and health problem with summer cooking lies in our dependence on sauces and add-ons. Our usual summer go-tos are often doused in BBQ sauce, swimming in mayonnaise (hello potato salad!), and fueled by sugar, leaving us eaters in a heavy, lethargic, post-meal stupor. 

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This is certainly not always a bad thing — everything in moderation, right? But if you are devoted to keeping your hard-earned “summer bod” at the ready and equally determined to eat your fair share of coleslaw and ice cream, try these recipes and tips to keep on track without missing out on any of the summer eatin’ fun.