Best Fudge Recipes

That pleasant smell of vanilla extract and sweetened milk mingling in the air is the delicious aroma that comes with fudge-making. It's hard to resist this super sweet and rich treat when you walk into a specialty shop, but it's even more irresistible when its smells infiltrate your own kitchen.

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Just a small slice at a time is all you need to keep your sugar habit at bay. Get the rest of your family and friends hooked by sharing this gift that is sweet and edible, and easy to make, package, and transport. Most fudge recipes are gluten-free for anyone with dietary restrictions.

This sort-of candy is simpler to make than you might think, even if you've never tackled the task before. Most basic fudge recipes require only that you melt your chocolate or butterscotch with warmed and sweetened milk, stir until smooth, and then chill until hardened.

We've rounded up some of our favorite fudge recipes from cereal speckled fudge to silky smooth chocolate to creamsicle. We have flavors for all of the fudge-lovers out there. For the complete round up, check out our list of 26 fudge recipes to round out your recipes box this year.

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