6 Best Spinach Recipes

While cartoonish, bulging muscles might not appear on your arm after noshing on a bowl of spinach, Popeye still might have been onto something. Spinach is versatile and healthy, which is why it is our go-to green when we are looking to add more vitamin K, A, and folates to our diet.

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The spinach plant originated in ancient Persia before it spread to nearby India and China, where its use in food was first recorded. Today, there are three main spinach varieties: savoy (a dark green, heirloom varietal with crinkly leaves, most common in U.S. supermarkets), flat-leaf spinach (often used for canned or frozen products), and semi-savoy (a hybrid variety with slightly crinkled leaves).

Unfortunately for Popeye, while spinach does contain a lot of iron, it also contains oxalates, which inhibit iron absorption, so if iron is what you are after, it might be best to reach for another tasty dark green leaf, like kale.

Iron content aside, spinach tastes good, and its mild flavor can be worked into a wide range of recipes, from smoothies to quiche to salads. We have enjoyed our fair share of cheesy spinach dip, eggs Florentine, and super green juices to say the least, but now we've rounded up six of our favorite spinach recipes that will keep you knee-deep in greens from breakfast to dinner.