6 Best Spinach Recipes

6 Best Spinach Recipes

While cartoonish, bulging muscles might not appear on your arm after noshing on a bowl of spinach, Popeye still might have been onto something. Spinach is versatile and healthy, which is why it is our go-to green when we are looking to add more vitamin K, A, and folates to our diet.

Unfortunately for Popeye, while spinach does contain a lot of iron, it also contains oxalates, which inhibit iron absorption, so if iron is what you are after, it might be best to reach for another tasty dark green leaf, like kale.

Iron content aside, spinach tastes good, and its mild flavor can be worked into a wide range of recipes, from smoothies to quiche to salads. We have enjoyed our fair share of cheesy spinach dip, eggs Florentine, and super green juices to say the least, but now we've rounded up six of our favorite spinach recipes that will keep you knee-deep in greens from breakfast to dinner.

Broccoli Spinach Soup

We loved it with a perfectly creamy poached egg in the middle, and a good drizzle of golden extra virgin olive oil. But of course you can keep it vegan if you like and add some crispy pan seared tofu instead of the poached egg. — Ciao Florentina

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Classic Spinach Dip

A party classic as dependable as your little black dress. So easy to put together, it'll never make you late. — Philadelphia Cream Cheese

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Sausage and Spinach Quiche

This sausage and spinach quiche is an instant brunch-time classic. Use store-bought pie crust for a quick and easy morning meal.

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Spinach Smoothie With Avocado and Apple

This smoothie is truly the Holy Grail of greens. With apple juice, spinach, kale, and avocado, the healthy properties of this smoothie really pack a punch. — The Daily Meal Staff

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Wilted Spinach Salad

Here's a quick and easy appetizer for two, or a light meal for one. There are so many wilted spinach salad recipes out there which insist on using bacon, but sometimes it's nice to have something a little healthier, so I swapped out the bacon for sautéed mushrooms. Enjoy this with a glass of fruity white wine. — Will Budiaman

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Spinach Egg Crepes

Eating spinach sometimes leaves a funny feeling in peoples' mouths, caused by the oxalic acid in the leaves. Nigel Slater, a British food writer I admire, calls it "furry teeth." Lemon juice can soften that effect and mellow its flavor. These crepes are a wonderful way to highlight many garden greens — kale, collards, chard — and are filled here with potatoes, too. I often add other ingredients to the filling, such as grains, peppers, fish, or meat. — chef Michael Anthony

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