25 Springtime Pie Recipes

Celebrate the changing seasons with these delicious pie recipes for spring
25 Springtime Pie Recipes


This strawberry pie is made with sweet California strawberries, which come in-season during the spring. 

Sweet California strawberries, Barbados cherries, sweet mangoes, pineapples, and more come into season during the spring, and after a long winter of sparsely stocked farmers market bins, we are happy for the variety of sweet, colorful fruit available. What better way to celebrate spring’s flavors than with a fresh baked pie overflowing with the season’s bounty.

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There are still plenty of fruits like apples — found year round most places — which we can’t help but spice and toss into a flaky pie crust, but then there are also those distinctly spring flavored treats, like hummingbird pie with fresh pineapple and light-as-air banana cream pie

As any great pie-maker knows, your pie is only as good as its crust, so check out our guide for making the perfect, tender, flaky pie crust or if you find yourself in a time crunch, use store-bought pie crust and use the leftover dough for one of these delicious creations.

For more inspiration and pies to try this spring from classic apple pies to sweet spring rhubarb pie recipes that are perfect for celebrating the warm spring weather.

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25 Springtime Pie Recipes
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