14 Sweet And Savory Turnover Recipes You Must Try

Take a bite of a turnover. The flaky, crisp exterior gives way to the warm, melty center, releasing the most vibrant of flavors. Whether your turnover is filled with piping hot cheese, perfectly spiced meat, or honeyed fruit, one thing is certain: Turnovers are a culinary delight.

It is no wonder these handheld treats, which make for a wonderful on-the-go feast, are celebrated around the world. From empanadas to calzones to sambosas, turnovers come in many forms, but the basic formula remains the same.

Click here for 15 delicious turnover recipes. (slideshow).

Let your creativity flow when you craft your turnovers. Anything goes with these catchall baked goods. Simply choose your pastry dough, decide on a sweet or savory filling, and seal your turnover with an egg wash. Once your turnover is baked to the perfect golden brown, the taste test begins.

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Check out our 15 picks that will take you straight to turnover bliss. These recipes celebrate all the best qualities a turnover has to offer, with fillings that include cheese, , , , and more. Celebrate this delectable food in its many, many forms.

Just like warm except more portable. This tastes like the classic American dessert, but is slightly easier to produce.

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The combination of cheese and in a doughy crust creates the perfect blend of sweet and salty in this .

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