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Clarklewis • Portland, Oregon
I never was much of vegetable eater until I started using cookbooks by Mollie Katzen. Now I cook more meatless meals then I do meals with meat. This is a lovely side dish to almost anything.
Summer Salad
Served at ghostbar at Las Vegas' Palm Casino Resort, this watermelon-infused drink is the perfect end to summer. Click back to the Ultimate Summer Cocktail Party .
Indian Summer
Named after our favorite winter phenomenon, the Indian Summer cocktail from The Writing Room is simple and colorful.
Scott Turnbull is Sommelier and Beverage Manager of Solbar at Solage Calistoga and directs the cocktail program, which features artisan cocktails crafted with the freshest herbs and homemade syrups and tinctures. Enjoy the end of the summer with a seasonal...
The Summer Shandy.
What better way to kick off Memorial Day than with a refreshing beer cocktail? The Summer Shandy, made at New York City's Edi and the Wolf (an Austrian tavern), is both tart and fruity. The Radeberger pilsner is what gives...
This Greek lasagna-style casserole is a nice option for a hearty whole-plant food entrée. It uses eggplant slices as the layers instead of pasta, as you would in a lasagna. This version is even gluten-free. Click here to see 8...
A warm, tropical cocktail of Peach Puree, Peach Brandy Liqueur and Maraschimo cherry,
Served at Boston's Noir Bar, you'll be seeing summer nights long after the cocktail's finished. Click back to the Ultimate Summer Cocktail Party.
Bright and colorful, this pasta salad is filled with lots of summer's best ingredients, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and asparagus. A dressing made of sesame oil, soy sauce, and vinegar is easy to put together but add a lot of flavor...
Served at Rum Bar in Philadelphia. Click to the Ultimate Summer Cocktail Party.
Fish stew
This dish oozes of a seaside summer! The secret to this recipe is in the fish stock. If you have time over the weekend, make it advance so you can just throw everything together at the last minute and you’ll...