13 Amazing Ice Cube Tray Hacks to Make Life Easier in the Kitchen

Ice cube trays are surprisingly versatile

Photo Modified: Flickr / Steven Depolo / CC BY 4.0

12 Amazing Ice Cube Tray Hacks to Make Life Easier in the Kitchen

Shutterstock / Katerina Belaya

Ever used a coffee grinder to turn whole spices into powder in seconds, or turned your blender into the perfect dough hook? So many of the tools we have stored in our kitchens are marketed with one purpose in mind, but can be rigged to complete a multitude of tasks.

Ice cube trays, for instance, can do more than freeze water. These little wells can be used for portioning foods, molding desserts, and organizing items. Next time you rush to the store for that new tool, think to yourself, do I already own just what I need?

Bar Caddy

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Don’t dirty tons of bowls at your next party. Set up the bar by using each ice cube section for lemons, limes, twists, onions, and olives. You will be all set to stir up any cocktail with your organized ice cube tray bar caddy.


Easy Sushi Mold

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Sushi is fantastic, but making it at home isn’t so simple. If you haven’t mastered the rolling technique, try molding the rice in the ice cube trays with your filling in the center. Then, pop them out for little sushi rolls that won’t cause you grief.

Freeze Eggs

Photo Modified: Flickr / Steven Depolo / CC BY 4.0

We bet you never thought of freezing eggs in an ice cube. This simple hack means you don’t need to worry about using all those farm-fresh eggs before the expiration date. Separate the whites from the yolks if you want to make a meringue or egg yolk pasta.

Freeze Fruit

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Freeze fruit in water or fruit juice to make smoothies in the morning a breeze. Just toss in the frozen fruit cubes and blend for a quick breakfast treat.

Freeze Herbs

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No more wilted basil or dried-out rosemary. Instead, when you buy too much of your favorite herb, freeze the cleaned dry herbs in portion-perfect cubes of olive oil. Just pop them in a hot pan for a kick of flavor.

Freeze Honey

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This might not sound quite right, but if you first dissolve the honey in warm water and then freeze it into cubes, you’ll have the perfect homemade sweetener for your iced tea.

Freeze Lemon Juice

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Those one-pound bags of lemons seem like a good deal at the store, but lemons don’t last forever. So when life gives you lemons, make lemon ice cubes. Juice and freeze for later use in recipes and to make icy cold lemonade.

Iced Coffee

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Turn everything you think you know about iced coffee on its head. Freeze coffee into cubes, then, when you need a quick coffee fix, just add the cubes to your creamer and go.

Kid’s Snack Tray

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Kids are known to complain about different foods touching on their plates. Solve this problem by portioning their well-balanced snack in ice cube trays. 

Mold Chocolate

Instead of individually dipping chocolate-covered strawberries or the fruit of your choosing in chocolate one by one, simply pour the chocolate over the strawberries nestled in an ice cube tray and leave to harden. They should pop right out of the molds when set.

Portion Chicken Stock

Photo Modified: Flickr / regan76 / CC BY 4.0

If you want to make your favorite chicken stock last longer, just portion into trays and freeze. When you’re making soup or gravy, thaw in a pan on the stove.

Portion Cookie Dough

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If you make a double batch of your favorite chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie dough, just divide enough between the molds for perfectly sized cookies that can go straight from the freezer to the oven.

Ravioli Press

Photo Modified: Flickr / Jessica Spengler / CC by 2.0

How often will you use that expensive ravioli press? Instead, roll out a large thin sheet of your favorite pasta dough, then press it into an ice cube tray. Fill each cube with your ravioli filling, egg wash the edges, and top with another thin sheet of pasta. Finally, cut out the individual raviolis and seal the edges tightly for an easy ravioli trick without the expensive press.