10 S'mores-Inspired Recipes You Can Make Without A Campfire

We're willing to bet that everyone's favorite campfire treat is the s'more sandwich — with two crunchy graham crackers; creamy, melted milk chocolate; and a gooey, perfectly toasted marshmallow holding it all together, what's not to love? The only problem with this easy-to-make treat is an obvious one; you need an open flame to make a really good, toasty, golden-brown marshmallow. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy all the gooey goodness of a s'more any day of the week. We have 10 recipes that prove it.

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In order to make a delicious s'more-inspired treat, you really only need three things: marshmallows (or marshmallow cream), chocolate, and graham crackers — how you use those three fundamental ingredients is totally up to you. Graham crackers make a great crust for chocolate-and-marshmallow flavored pies or tarts, but they're also really good when they're crushed up and sprinkled over chocolate-dipped marshmallows or a moist chocolate cake that's been layered with fluffy marshmallow filling. There's virtually no limit to the ways you can combine these three ingredients and create a unique s'more-inspired treat.

Not all s'more creations need to be sweet, either. Salt pairs well with chocolate, so it can be fun to create treats that balance both sweet and savory flavors. Some of our avorite savory s'more mash-ups include chocolate- and marshmallow-topped French fries and gooey loaded dessert nachos (complete with crunchy, salted tortilla chips).

Not sure you're ready to head into your kitchen and start slathering melted chocolate and marshmallow cream onto everything in sight? Try one of our 10 favorite ways to enjoy s'mores — when a campfire's not available, of course.

S'more Brownies

These chocolate brownies are the next best thing when you can't get to a campfire; the marshmallow topping is browned under a broiler for the full toasted-marshmallow effect.

S’more Cakecake

Marshmallow meringue makes a delicious frosting for chocolate . After you swirl it on, use a kitchen blow torch to gently toast the meringue.

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