Chefs At Home: Jenn Louis And David Welch's Portland House

If Portland, Ore., were to beat in New York City in at least one department, it would be with space. Sure, Brooklyn has plenty of shared gardens and brownstones, but Portland houses give residents yards to garden in and extra rooms to decorate.

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During the Feast Portland festival last month, The Daily Meal stopped by Jenn Louis and David Welch's home in hip northeast Portland, bringing over some Blue Star donuts for the food power couple behind local favorites Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern. The duo, who met when Louis was a line cook and Welch was a busboy at Wildwood Restaurant in 1999, moved into this three-story house in 2006.

Since then, they've built up a garden in the backyard and gathered an impressive cookbook collection, all while taking care of their three cats: Orange Cat (a perfect doppelganger for Garfield), White Cat, and Wasco.

Click through our slideshow to get a peek at their impeccably designed home, filled with antiques from Louis' mother.