Watch How This Guy Eats Popcorn and Use These 3 Creative Popcorn Recipes to Mimic His Technique

This is the hack that will change the way you eat popcorn


Try this popcorn recipe coated in bacon fat.

Popcorn is delicious — it’s buttery and salty, and makes for the perfect movie snack. Even when you’re having your weekly Netflix binge, popcorn is necessary.

When you don’t want to put all of your popcorn into a bowl from the kitchen we have the perfect alternative. A photo on 9Gag features a man who wears his hooded sweatshirt backwards and turns the hood into a popcorn bowl. Try his cool technique so you don’t waste extra bowls from the kitchen.

Popcorn hoodie


Eat popcorn out of your hood like this guy.

With a genius idea like this you need a few amazing popcorn recipes to go along with it.

Bacon Fat Popcorn



This popcorn recipe gets coated in bacon fat.

Ready to graduate from unsalted butter? Then try making popcorn with bacon fat for an extra-indulgent snack. A touch of truffle oil lends a subtle earthy aroma to the popcorn, and shaved Parmesan and chives are a great finishing touch. — Cullen Campbell

For the Bacon Fat Popcorn recipe, click here.

Caramel-Masala Popcorn and Pistachios



Add caramel and garam masala to your popcorn.

Looking for something a little different from the usual buttery popcorn? Look no further than this homemade sweet and savory snack, with a little exotic kick from garam masala, an Indian spice mix. — Cynthia Nims

For the Caramel-Masala Popcorn and Pistachios recipe, click here.

Maple Pecan Popcorn



Maple and pecan popcorn, sign us up.

It's amazing how the addition of a couple of carefully chosen ingredients can transform an old favorite into something new and exciting. Toasted chopped pecans and pure maple syrup turn an ordinary popcorn recipe into a sweet and savory snack. — Kemp Minifie

For the Maple Pecan Popcorn recipe, click here.