Vegan Dishes That Will Delight Even the Staunchest Carnivores

Your carnivorous friends won’t miss meat with these recipes
vegan lasagna


Make this vegan dish for the staunchest carnivores.

When meat-lovers hear the word “vegan,” they try to run for the hills. They think all you can have is salad, but that isn’t true. You can take some of your favorite meals and easily turn them into vegan dishes. For lasagna, instead of loading up on meat and cheese, add hearty portabella mushrooms and vegan cheese. Substitute cheese and sour cream in nachos for cashews and jalapenos. There are a ton of different vegan options that you can try even if you love meat. We’re positive that you won’t even miss it. Here are three dishes that will delight even the staunchest carnivores.

Vegan Chili and Cornbread Casserole

In the never-ending effort to create good, hearty comfort foods that are vegan, I thought I would combine two of the heartland's most prized recipes: chili and cornbread. I know this sounds entirely not-vegan by nature, but with the help of a standout meat substitute (soy chorizo) and by keeping the cornbread old-fashioned (sans eggs), what we have is a devilish casserole with the capability of making you a local celebrity. — Tim McGeever  

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Vegan Nachos

Loaded with tons of cheese and sour cream, nachos aren't usually a vegan-friendly option. Until now — a flavorful sauce made from raw cashews, spiced up with jalapeños and jarred pimentos, makes a perfect dairy-free alternative. — Kat Barry

For the Vegan Nachos recipe, click here.

Vegan Stovetop Lasagna

 This is a delicious vegan/vegetarian option for one of our most popular dishes! When you think of lasagna, you tend to think of pasta, meat, and loads of cheese. Here you have a delicious alternative made with earthy and meaty portabella mushrooms. — 360 Cookware

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