12 Paleo Desserts When All You Want Is a Muffin

There are some days you just can’t fight the craving for an indulgent dessert

There’s nothing like something sweet to end a meal. I mean, who doesn’t like dessert? It’s the best part of the whole meal! But eating “paleo” means avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, grains, legumes, starches, and alcohol, which can make enjoying dessert a challenge. But following a paleo diet doesn’t mean you have to completely deny yourself anything sweet — all it takes is a little bit of creativity in the kitchen to adapt!

12 Paleo Desserts When All You Want Is a Muffin

With a few additions to your pantry, you’ll be churning out paleo desserts in no time. The best part? Paleo desserts are made with whole foods and unrefined sugars, you won’t be feeling that crash later on. Now you are doing something good for your health without losing all that flavor goodness! Sometimes making a few creative adjustments can make all the difference. 

Check out this recipe roundup of our best-ever paleo desserts, spanning everything from delicious fruit breads to moist chocolate cakes to decadent fudge. Your friends and family won’t believe how effortlessly these sweet treats were made (and you don't need to tell them they’re paleo)! The hardest thing will be choosing just one of these
12 Paleo Desserts to make.