Here's Why Chefs Are Freaking Out Over Ramps

The appearance of ramps at your local farmers market can only mean one thing: Spring is finally here! As we move into early April, the dull and muddy landscape around us starts to transform into a vibrant and lush garden. This new season brings a certain freshness that we start to crave after a long winter filled with root vegetables and roasted squash.

Spring brings a wave of energy, life, and, most importantly, ramps. What are ramps, you may be asking? They belong to the allium family; look similar to baby leeks, and taste as if garlic and scallions had a baby. Chefs freak out over this foraged crop because of its limited supply and gentle oniony flavor.

Ramps are truly something special. They can be folded into scrambled eggs, turned into a pesto, grilled with just a little salt and olive oil, or pickled to preserve them for later. They are so delicate in flavor that they can even be eaten raw.

Unfortunately, the delicate vegetable only makes an appearance from April to June, and because ramps grow wild but are difficult to cultivate, they are usually on the pricier side. They can be found at your local farmers market if you live in the eastern United States — so if you are lucky enough to find these little beauties, make sure to grab some. Ramps are also as good for you as they are delicious. Keep this in mind next time you are looking for 22 superfoods you need to stay healthy this spring.