Buy Extra Candy This Halloween and Make These 10 Desserts

Buy a few extra bags of Halloween candy and make these delicious desserts
Halloween Candy Fudge Brownies


Make a chocolaty and delicious dessert recipe for your Halloween guests. 

Every October, comes the night when you dress up as your favorite characters: Spider-Man, Catwoman, and even Guy Fieri or some other food celebrity. You probably also buy and consume lots of candy. Snickers, M&M’s, and Hershey’s are among the candies that Americans eat most. If on November 1st, you find a little too much candy left over in your pumpkin-shaped baskets, you can use it to make dessert. But what if the trick-or-treaters descend en masse and there's barley an M&M left over? Better buy some extra, just in case.  

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If your favorite Halloween treat is candy corn, we have great recipes for you. You can make vanilla cupcakes and decorate the tops with candy corn, or put it in a milkshake, or make candy corn caramel. Once the caramel is done, you can dip apples in it for an unusual caramel apple treat your family will love.

If you are more of a chocolate person, add chocolate candies  to your brownie recipes, deep fry them, or use pretzels to make scary insects out of chocolate bars, if you like DIY activities.

Whatever your favorite Halloween candy may be, The Daily Meal has a way to use it in a delicious dessert.