Bison And 7 Other Alternative Burgers To Rock Your Next Barbecue

Bison and 7 Other Alternative Burgers to Rock Your Next Barbecue

Burgers and hot dogs are barbecue staples; they're exactly what you expect to eat when you're invited to a summer bash, but sometimes it's nice to shake things up. Don't be ordinary when you're planning your next barbecue menu — try some alternative burger recipes that will shock your guests.

Best Bison Burger

Worcestershire sauce, salt, garlic, and black pepper are the classic ingredients for a delicious and juicy beef burger. You may be skeptical about trying bison burgers, but this recipe has all of the same ingredients — just with ground bison instead of beef. For the Best Bison Burger recipe, click here.

Chicken Burger Recipe

Make this chicken burger recipe on the grill or bread and pan-fry it before your guests arrive. It tastes wonderful and has a satisfying crunch that everyone will enjoy. For the Chicken Burger recipe, click here.

Feta-Spiked Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are a healthy alternative to beef burgers for your next barbecue. Top with feta, spinach, and roasted red peppers for a burger filled with summery flavors. For the Feta-Spiked Turkey Burger recipe, click here.

Grilled Bison Burgers with Peaches and Jalapeno Recipe

There is a common misconception that bison has a gamey taste. If you're staying away from bison burgers because of this, then we're telling you that you don't have to. For the Grilled Bison Burger with Peaches and Jalapeño recipe, click here.

Grilled Lamb and Pistachio Burgers

Lamb burgers aren't always as juicy as beef burgers, but Barton Seaver, author of Where There's Smoke, uses olive oil to add fat back into this tasty meat. For the Grilled Lamb and Pistachio Burger recipe, click here.

Healthy Shrimp Burger

Shrimp is low in fat, making it a healthy burger option. Add Old Bay seasoning to your shrimp burgers for a dish that packs a punch. For the Healthy Shrimp Burger recipe, click here.

Portabella Burgers

If you have vegetarian guests coming over, this is the perfect recipe to make. Buy mushrooms with their stems on so you can save them for a soup, stew, or stock. For the Portabella Burger recipe, click here.

Rock Shrimp Burgers with Wasabi Mayo

Shrimp burgers are a healthy alternative to beef or turkey. Spice up your next barbecue with this Asian-inspired recipe. Add grated ginger, soy sauce, and panko bread crumbs to your shrimp mixture for a burger that will wow everyone. For the Rock Shrimp Burgers with Wasabi Mayo recipe, click here.


Sesame Salmon Burgers Recipe

Gluten-free, quick, and delicious? Sign me up. This is a salmon burger that everyone at your next barbecue is going to want — make sure you have seconds ready. For the Sesame Salmon Burger recipe, click here.

Turkey Burger Recipe

A turkey burger topped with red onion, crisp cucumbers, and fresh cilantro is anything but boring. For the Turkey Burger recipe, click here.

Veggie Burger Recipe

At your next barbecue, serve a protein-packed veggie burger that may change the minds of a few carnivores. The patties contain quinoa and black beans, making them a healthy and delicious alternative to meat-based burgers. For the Veggie Burger recipe, click here.