13 Amazing Recipes to Add to Your Thanksgiving Menu

French apple tart, rosemary maple pecans, and pumpkin cake are a few of the recipes that were featured in this week’s SWAT

Try this shaved Brussels sprout salad with butternut squash, pomegranate, and “fried” goat cheese from Coley Cooks.

Thanksgiving is approaching and while some people have had their menu and guest list planned out for months, a few people leave the planning to the last minute. If you fall into the second category, don’t be afraid because we have some amazing recipes for you to add to your Thanksgiving menu. There are so many recipe options that you can choose from: The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network gave us amazing turkey, dessert, and side dishes. You can make a stuffing filled turkey breast for Thanksgiving, Parker House rolls with honey and brown butter, or add a farro stuffing recipe to your menu.

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Here are this week’s highlights from SWAT (Sharing With A Theme):

Honey and Brown Butter Parker House Rolls

Every Thanksgiving table needs Parker House rolls. Cheyanne Holzworth-Bany of No Spoon Necessary made Parker House rolls with brown butter and honey, which gives the bread a nice added sweetness.

Farro Stuffing with Cranberries and Walnuts

Stuffing is typically made with bread, but if you want to try something new this holiday season, make your stuffing recipe with farro instead. Marjory of The Dinner Mom blog makes a healthy stuffing recipe by making a farro stuffing with cranberries and walnuts.

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Butternut Squash, Pomegranate, and “Fried” Goat Cheese


A bowl of roasted Brussels sprouts is a Thanksgiving staple that lands on many tables during the holidays. One preparation that you normally don’t see is raw Brussels sprouts sliced thinly and tossed in a salad. That’s exactly what Nicole Gaffney of Coley Cooks did. For a Thanksgiving salad serve thinly sliced Brussels sprouts with butternut squash, pomegranate, and goat cheese for a well-rounded salad. It’s the perfect way to start off Thanksgiving dinner, which is the reason why Gaffney is the winner of this week’s SWAT.