10 Frozen Treats That Go Way Beyond Ice Cream

10 Frozen Treats That Go Way Beyond Ice Cream

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, making memories with your family at the beach, and throwing backyard barbecues. The season is all too short — two months almost feels like two weeks — and we try to make the most of the precious time we have with friends, whether that means grilling steaks or organizing picnics or sipping margaritas by the pool.

The end of summer is the perfect backdrop for another seasonal pleasure: enjoying some sweet, icy frozen treats, because you really won't want anything very cold once winter comes. 

Blood Orange Margarita Ice Pops

On a hot summer day, these blood orange margarita ice pops with orange liqueur and tequila are a perfect way to cool off. Alcoholic pops are just better. Just be warned: They melt quickly. If you want to make these non-alcoholic, replace the tequila and liqueur with some orange juice.

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Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bonbons

Skip the dairy altogether with these chocolate dipped banana bites. Little coins of banana dipped in chocolate make the perfect sweet but healthy frozen treat!

For the Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bonbons recipe, click here.

Frozen Banana Crème Pie

This raw, vegan, gluten-free, and ultra-healthy rendition of frozen banana crème pie is surprisingly sophisticated and satisfying. Made without any additives, sugar, preservatives, flour, or eggs, it will amaze your friends and family with its creamy, cashew-based texture and the rich, nutty crust. — Linda Joy

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Frozen Blueberry Breakfast Bars

With a base of granola and ready-made blueberry yogurt, these bars are topped with fresh blueberries and sprinkled with extra granola. They make a great "grab and go" option for breakfast or a tasty snack any time of day.

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Frozen Pumpkin Pie

A ready-made gelato with real pumpkin purée, a hint of cinnamon, and thick swirls of sea salt caramel, this dish features a spiced whipped cream topping for a fun pumpkin pie flavor.

For the Frozen Pumpkin Pie recipe, click here.

Frozen Pumpkin Pie Mousse

While pumpkin pie deserves respect as a Thanksgiving icon, it's fun to enjoy the pumpkin flavors all year long. This frozen pie involves a crust made of gingersnap cookies and raisins and a creamy frozen pumpkin mousse.

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Frozen Sangria

A fun summer cocktail that highlights mango, peach, white wine, and brandy, resulting in a tantalizing slushy made just for adults! Make it non-alcoholic by swapping the wine and brandy for apple juice.

For the Frozen Sangria recipe, click here.

Lemon Italian Ice

This Italian lemon ice is a perfect refreshing summer treat, and it turns out that it's surprisingly easy to make at home! Adjust the ratio of sugar to lemon juice based on your sweet and sour preferences. —Molly Aronica

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Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Pops

If you can't bear the thought of turning the oven on during the summer, try these creamy frozen cheesecake pops instead. I've made them with strawberry purée, but you could easily substitute another berry if you'd like — raspberries and blueberries would be delicious, too.  — Kristie Collado

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Zuccotto Recipe

Made with a cake, biscuits,  Amaretto Liquor, and chocolate, this whipped cream-topped treat is a perfect frozen cake alternative to the standard ice cream cake.

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