Best Burgers in America

Zagat releases its first-ever burger survey

How many of these Best Burgers in America have you tried?

Zagat, the burgundy dining guide, has released its first-ever burger survey, which not only revealed America’s favorite burger spots in key cities and surrounding areas throughout the U.S., but Americans’ burger eating habits as well.

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Americans eat an average of four burgers a month, with men eating one more than women each month, according to Zagat. The majority of men and women prefer to eat burgers for dinner, though 2 percent of the 1,077 adults surveyed did admit to occasionally eating burgers for breakfast.

Half of survey respondents said they prefer to eat their burgers at a specialty burger restaurant rather than at fast-food restaurants and diners. Half of respondents are willing to pay $10 to $14.99, while 29 percent said they are only willing to spend less than $10. The overwhelming majority, 94 percent, prefers regular burgers over sliders or mini burgers, and french fries are the favorite side item to eat alongside a burger.

When ordering, 85 percent prefer beef burgers, and most want them cooked medium-rare or medium and served on a specialty bun like a potato, brioche, or sesame seed bun. Cheese (Cheddar is the most popular choice), lettuce, tomato, grilled or caramelized onion, bacon, and pickles are the toppings of choice, while jalapeños, raw onion, mushrooms, and avocado were reported as the least favorite toppings.

For travelers looking for a meal on-the-go, burgers are often a quick and inexpensive option. Zagat survey respondents ranked their favorite burger joints, including Mr. Bartley’s, Boston Burger Company, and UBurger in the Boston area; Edzo’s Burger Shop and Kuma’s Corner in the Chicago area; and Burger Joint, Burger Bistro, and Dumont in New York City. See the Best Burgers in America slideshow for more of America’s favorite burger joints. How many have you been to?


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