Dave Malyon

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Cape Town, South Africa
Coronationville High School; Dr Malan Secondary; Damelin College; Alissons Online
Health & Wellness, Travel & Nature, Food & Culture
  • Dave blogged for an online travel and adventure company in South Africa.
  • At the start of his career, he wrote for companies including Captain Words and The Urban Writers.
  • He has written books on DIY topics, fitness, herbal remedies, food culture, and healthy eating, with his largest project being 45,000 words long.


Dave has varied work experience that includes hospitality and tourism. He has learned from many mentors and managed restaurants, mentoring too as he went along. His work generated an immense amount of knowledge which supplements his writing. This, along with his journalistic disciplines, seasons his work that ranges across a broad spectrum of topics. He has excelled in ghostwriting, blogging, copy editing, and copywriting. In January 2022 he launched a blog called "Dented Armour," which focuses on the body, mind, and soul.


Dave graduated from Dr. Malan Secondary School in 2005. In 2008, he enrolled in a correspondence program focussing on mass communication disciplines including Information literacy, news and media, and journalism. To keep his skills sharp and stay abreast of industry developments, he signs up for digital marketing, web development, SEO, and writing courses.
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